Who Am I?

Chip Justice

MBA, PMP, ITIL, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – A leader and transformation agent with over 25 years in the private sector, federal/state government, US & International military and  multiple certifications in IT, human capital & business… So Why Chip?

It’s very simple, I care and want you to succeed!  I want provide you with all the tools possible for your success.  I’ve learned how to love my life and want to help you do the same.  Which is why I created PCI, to provide you with the tools you need to succeed and transform your changes, to find that life will love.

I have learned how to love my life and it will be my honor if you would let me participate in your discovery.  I look forward to help you create positive changes for a life you will love!

Helping people achieve life and business goals is one of my passions.  I want to help you see the world and experience things most will only see in a magazine or television. It is our purpose and goal to help others create a situation for themselves, where they too have this opportunity to live out loud.


  • 25+ years of award winning professional experience
  • Masters in Business Administration with emphasis in Project Management
  • Graduate certificates in Project Management and Change Management
  • BA in Information Systems Management with minor in Communications
  • Former United States Marine and US Army soldier

Chip Justice

Chip Justice
Chip JusticePCI Founder

Question Everything!

In the future, 50% of available work will be freelance. Social value of knowledge increases as we are becoming high skilled and low valued employees. How will we learn – going from Expert to Novice – Peer to Peer – Disintermediation. What we will learn in the future – Trust, Generosity, Empathy. Liberal Arts and Civics will be more important than before. The days of learning facts and following a static curriculum are numbered. Businesses and educational institutions are lagging in this transformation but inroads being made! Our world is transforming in ways that challenge out moded political, business and educational structures/institutions. Word based learning is no longer enough. Online learning modules from everywhere on everything!
Social Media: It keeps you in touch and informed. I used to tell people you and I know someone who will live to 300. I’ve now increase that number. We are using technology to stand up to death. 2045 – The Singularity Event – Good bye Homo sapiens hello “Homoevolutus!”

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