Every cloud has a positive side!

Chief Architect & Senior Operational Executive

Thank you for reading. My experience is broad and the unifying theme is clear: My passion is to work on innovative teams wanting to move worlds, teams motivated by challenges and possibilities, teams who come to work to win, and teams striving to succeed and enjoy some fun. 5 words people use to describe me: adaptable, dependable, team-player, innovative & positive-attitude.

Experience taught me the value of learning from mistakes, reflecting, constantly improving and striving to win. The military taught me how to be calm under pressure and react as a battle-hardened executive proven in business, operations and technical delivery. Playing well helps me understand exactly what it takes using technology in today’s economic climate because of my focused on delivering breakthrough results translating to real value.

It has been my pleasure of living and working around the world with several successful international assignments under my belt and being identified a global leader. Known for building communities across cultures and the know-how required to play the game in a multitude of diverse environments and playing it using the lingua franca of business.  As a result, the organizations I’ve supported have seen increased revenue due to: road-map creation, technical and organizational re-engineering, scaling business operations, organization design, building strategic organizational capabilities, enabling systems, start-up consulting, acquisition integration, divestiture stand-up and developing human resource strategies.

Adept at charting the path from strategy to action, relentlessly curious about cause/effect & insatiable appetite for learning.


CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, CSOs, CDOs, Recruiters, HR Managers connect with me to get access to my network, deep technical insight into business operations and leadership

My Crazy Skills

Fitness 90
Cloud Building 95
Business Management 85
Efficency 75

Certified in People, Process & Technology