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Individual Coaching

Our personalized one-on-one coaching is an effective tool to support you with taking on big challenges.  Our clients become more effective in their jobs and lives, and enhance their capacities across the board.  For leaders taking on new roles and for those leading their organizations through significant transformations, our coaching can provide an important base of strength from which to lead.  A coaching plan is organized to meet your needs, often combining face-to-face and telephone sessions to ensure that you are fully supported in reaching your goals.  Our coaching team has experience working with high-level leaders in a broad range of industries including private industry, U.S. and state government, the DoD, as well as leaders in foreign countries.  We put our experience to work for your advantage.

Our career coaching service specializes in executive coaching & leadership with an emphasis, change & project management, organizational design and operations & strategic planning.  Our life coaching emphasis is on empowerment, emotional intelligence, personal development, motivational and self-esteem, transformational and success coaching.

Often one-on-one coaching is useful in parallel with other consulting services.  For example, a large consulting project designed to have deep reaching impacts in the way an organization functions can be strengthened by one-on-one coaching for top leaders in the organization – ensuring that those key individuals can leverage their personal strengths to support the change process throughout the engagement and beyond.

Why Are We The Best?

To do this we will provide you a safe and secure environment where you will be free of judgment and we will provide you with the tools you need to gain the confidence you need to meet your goal/expectations. We love celebrating those victories with our partners! Isn’t it time to create a life you love?
Do you want to have a life you will love? Do you want the freedom to spend more time with family and friends? Travel the world? Live spontaneously? Imagine walking doing a hand stand on the Eiffel Tower, hiking Machu Pichu, swimming in the Galapagos, climbing a Mayan Temple, swimming with sharks, seeing Stonehenge or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Perhaps go snorkeling Hawaii or simply watch the sun set from your favorite place in the world. You can make this a reality and we can help. We have a passion working with clients who dream of taking time off to volunteer, travel, live, study, spend time with the family, and creating a life and career you love.
We will work closely with you in a safe and positive environment to understand your exact needs, goals and ambitions. Together, we will discuss the situation and brainstorm potential scenarios until we reach a working solution. If you require on-going support, we will be there for you when the time comes to review progress with your discoveries and if desired suggest/implement tweaks as your path or details change.




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