Chip brings a refreshing approach to coaching that will leave you inspired, motivated, focused, uplifted and eager to live your life fully! See what his satisfied clients are saying.

“Chip Justice is one of the most committed, active, and dedicated folks I have met in both my military and civilian careers. Chip, as the Chairman of the Marine Executive Association (MEA) was/has been instrumental in leading that organization and working with other professionals to foster MEA’s growth and expand the organization’s outreach throughout the world. Chip is a doer, he gets things done in a high-energy and proficient manner. He is also a team-player and he is always “part of the solution.”
Wayne Gatewood, Pres/CEO, QSI
“After leaving the military, I struggled with finding meaning. With Chip’s help, I overcame my obstacles by understanding that I am OK. I can be who I want to be. I was able to tell the world my secret!”
Jerry Davies, Executive, Dow Corning
“Mr. Justice is a seasoned professional who knows the voice of the customer. It is because of this that he delivers client results that get implemented. Chip brings real world experience and public service to his clients. He is a certified asset to any team.”
Justin Friedl, Booz Allen Hamilton Associate
“Chip was able to provide me with the ability to define my career and go for it. When you are stuck and can’t see a clear direction, see out Chip. He helped me understand who I want to be and get the career I have wanted.”
Jodie Prescot, NBC Sports Associate Producer
“Chip has set a clear direction for coaching by emphasizing a business approach. He champions best practices by focusing on aligning operational and strategic objectives. Chip is committed, organized, personable, and motivated to emphasizing client value.”
Jay Demas, DCS Project Manager at Texas Health and Human Services Commission
“Chip was always willing to take time from whatever he was doing to provide his mentorship for my professional growth as well as often providing mature and insightful perspectives on personal matters. I would work with Chip on any project and would actively seek him out to organize and lead activities in ambiguous, dynamic, or turn around situations. He is an invaluable asset to any organization.”
Brian Tice, Entrepreneur, Investor and Problem Solver
“Each coaching conversation I have experienced with Chip has been extremely valuable to me. I have left with a better understanding of where I want and need to go with my life and career as well as what steps to take to get there.”
Don Rickard, Pastor EEC
“I have benefited from working with Max “Chip” Justice. I’m very impressed by his innovative approaches to some of my challenges, his broad vision along with the focus on some details that I care about, and his desire to help people. He was not only on time but also kindly went beyond when an issue needed to be resolved or a question to be answered. He is always positive, insightful, understanding and open; and provided high quality of the work. I highly recommend his service!”
Hui Xie, Research Scientist & Entrepreneur